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Inspiration for a getaway somewhere in Europe?
  Balzamon, Jul 09 2015

What do you do when poker is tilting you, and the weather in Sweden is tilting you even more? The first half of this summer has been sooo bad in Stockholm, and another 1-2 weeks of 15 degrees and rain seems to be incoming. Really feeling like going somewhere else, but where?

Going with gf for around 4-5 days, looking for it to be fairly cheap. I would prefer it to be a mixture of a cool city with beautiful nature closeby (would like to do some hiking). But I suppose a sunny place with just good nature/water environment would be OK as well, not just a tourist trap place (ie Aya Napa, Sunny Beach, Magaluf, Split and so on) with a zillion people.

Never been to Eastern Europe, so thats feels kinda interesting, ideas that popped up in my head:

- Budapest: heard the city is AWESOME, how is the countryside close by? Hiking friendly?
- Prague: same about the city, but again, how is the surrounding area if you want to see something else than just a city?
- Belgrade: friend been there and told me its super nice, and cheap, and friendly. Again, more to do than just city life?
- Croatia: really want to go here sometime, but think I wanna go for a longer time, also seems to be really "in" to go to Croatia right now, is there any place that is not overcrowded but still worth going to?
- Greece: In genereal is there a good idea to go there right now? Be a baller when everyone else suffer? Where to go to avoid the tourist trappy places?
- Spain/Portugal: I would like to try some more surfing,where are some affordable places in July? Looked at San Sebastian where I've been before, but really expensive during this season...

Ideas on these places and others would be greatly appreciated. Also would be cool if some local could tip me of their area and possible give us some guiding when there

Update: After some extensive reading I'm focusing on Macedonia (Skopje) which sounds like a perfect combination of nature and good food and very priceworthy, Budapest, Prague and maybe Malaga (not sure if priceworthy, but sounds like a cool city with some chances of surfing?). Anyone been to / living at any of these places?

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Ideas for an essay in Finance?
  Balzamon, Mar 25 2014

Hello LP,

I've read some interesting threads about finance here, and I know a bunch of you are interested in topics related to economics and finance specifically. I'm about to try and find an interesting topic for an essay, could be about anything relating to finance, the first step are:

"A description of the research area and a problem
discussion ending up in two specific research
questions: one qualitative and one quantitative."

Should end up in 10-14 pages, not a huge essay but it's a course that is an introduction to how to write my master thesis next semester, and if I manage to pick a really interesting topic already this semester that would be a good start for the thesis. Not an easy task...

I dont read as much articles as I should do, so if anyone have read/know about a really interesting/hot topic feel free to post it, a link to the article/research in question would be great as well. In the end its probably easier if I pick something related with Sweden but all ideas are good

Its the period of annual meetings for companies during spring, and I was thinking perhaps something research related to them since it could be fun to attend a couple, not sure exacly what angel though. For example a friend is going to see how big influence institutional investors have on the meetings, seems like a good idea.

Bitcoin has interested me, and how big a impact a currency with zero transaction costs could have on the economy, but a fairly hard topic to research and many are on it already.

Shoot away, if nothing else I will hopefully get some good financial articles to read.

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Trip to Toronto this weekend, tips on what to do?
  Balzamon, Sep 30 2013

Hey guys!

I did a blogpost in the beginning of the year asking for advice if I should take a semester abroad in London, Canada (NOT England). I thank everyone who said I should, I've now been here for a month and I'm very pleased with everything!

So this weekend me and some other exchange-students will go to Toronto (~2,5h drive) Friday-Sunday. Tips on what to do during this fairly short visit? Sadly there wont be any NHL-games during this time.. I guess we will do some basic tourist stuff like CN-tower, and what more?

I'm a big fan of asian food, so maybe a visit to the "chinatown" of Toronto, any solid restaurant recommendations (doesnt necessarily have to be asian, I heard about "little italy" as well) ?

And what clubs should we aim for during this weekend?

Really enjoying Canada! If some fellow LPers happen to be in Toronto/London during this time give me a PM!

On another note, when the finals exam are done here in mid December I dream of going to British Colombia or similar to snowboard until I go home 29 December. Havent really met anyone here that's also up for it so if you are planning a trip there/got experience of the area I would greatly appreciate any input.

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